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The Global Shrimp Feed Manufacturing Landscape: A Helicopter View

Feed Report

While we’re always quick to say that the shrimp industry is very fragmented, the feed segment differs from other segments of the value chain. In countries such as Ecuador and Vietnam, the shrimp feed manufacturing segment is already very much consolidated and will consolidate even further over the next couple of years. Other countries are likely to follow the same path. As consolidation increases, a relatively small number of large global and regional players from Asia, Europe, and the US is slowly strengthening its grip on the industry as a whole. With that development, the responsibility of these players to drive innovation and help farmers be successful increases. This report, while not an in-depth analysis of shrimp feed manufacturing, provides an overview of the shrimp feed manufacturing landscape and the players that shape it in Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as of the most important multinational players that drive consolidation.

This report is sponsored by: Bentoli, BioIberica, Phileo by Lesaffre, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, DSM Animal Nutrition and the Global Shrimp Forum

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