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India’s L. Vannamei Broodstock Distribution Is Down 22% Y-Y While P. Monodon Broodstock Distribution Is on the Rise

India’s quarterly L. vannamei broodstock imports 2019-2023 combined with local BMC production* for 2022 and 2023
India’s quarterly L. vannamei broodstock imports 2019-2023 combined with local BMC production* for 2022 and 2023

* Since 2022 the CAA reports detailed PPL import and BMC broodstock distribution data. To make the overview more complete, I have added these to my data reporting system to give you the most accurate picture of the market situation. But to put it in context, local BMC production in 2022 and 2023 only amounted to 600 and 7,600 animals, respectively.

India’s broodstock import and local BMC production data show that in Q3, the distribution of broodstock to hatcheries is down by 22% Y-Y. The year total is now down by 24% Y-Y and this is in line with the drop in exports that we start to see in India’s L. vannamei export data. Although at the quarterly level, imports look stable, monthly data shows high volatility. This may be a result of this year’s uncertain market conditions.

In July, broodstock distributed to local hatcheries reached 22,618 animals, 27% above July 2022. Subsequently, in August, the number dropped to only 6,248 animals, 56% below August 2022. In September, the number jumped back to 18,588 animals, 35% below September 2022. In previous years, imports in Q4 would increase, catering to the winter crop and the following year's first crop. We will need to wait and see whether Gorjan Nikolik’s projection of a strong 2024 recovery will already be reflected in India’s Q4 import numbers.

In addition to the distribution of L. vannamei broodstock, P. monodon broodstock distribution is on the rise, reaching 8,592 animals in 2023's first three quarters. Of the total, 1,576 animals were imported by Aquaculture de la Mahajamba (Unima Madagascar) and distributed to a few dedicated hatcheries. Meanwhile, 7,016 animals were locally produced in a brand new BMC with PPL from Moana by Vaishnavi Aquatech. The surge of P. monodon broodstock distribution will undoubtedly be reflected in this year’s Indian P. monodon export data, which I will report on in separate Shrimp Bytes.

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